Hasselblad Flextight Photo Scanners




Hasselblad photo scanners and Imacon Flextight photo scanners require preventive maintenance. You will be notified via FlexColor when this is due .


On site

 For these Flextight photo scanners along with Hasselblad photo scanners or Imacon photo scanners :

I offer an on site service which is popular with commercial clients & educational institutions as it eliminates the customary 3 -4 weeks downtime & related transport issues.


 Suitable for Hasselblad Flextight and imacon Photo scanner :

 the standard  service  which comprises :   

Replacing the drive belts and bearings where required

Cleaning internal surfaces 

Cleaning all optics and CCD

Clean lamps and prism

Calibrate drum position 

Reset service counter 

will take around three hours  &

 costs £320 + travel 

from BH14 9HU 

at 45p per mile