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I have worked in the Photographic industry for more than 20 years; starting at Robert White Photographic - where together with offering advice & selling equipment, I was technical support for Jenoptik Digital back systems & Gretag Macbeth Colour Management devices.



Hasselblad, Flextight, Imacon Scanners

Currently, My main role  is scanner servicing for Hasselblad, Flextight , Imacon CCD scanners & freelance technical support for Hasselblad UK 




I gained great experience during the change from Film to Digital and working as both Technical advisor and tutor to some of the most noted names in Photography.

These days whilst I still shoot commercially;  I continue to offer training and support to photographers with Colour management: monitor and printer calibration &  image processing as now I am an Adobe Certified Expert in Adobe Lightroom.